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    I am on my 7th day of the kind of strict diet as i have had chicken twice and my diet the past week has consisted of. (zucchini, brussel sprouts, spinach, broccoli, celery, avocado and more green vegetables). in the past week I’ve had chicken with just olive oil and spices twice, almond butter, 2-3 eggs in the morning everyday, onions and raw garlic with cayenne pepper, lemon and more spices with olive oil in every meal. I have also done a detox drink of ginger, garlic and onions in 2 liters of water boiled.

    I take 5 300 mg apple cider vinegar vitamins a day, a probiotic of 20 billion cultures (bioglan) i take 2 Tbs of coconut oil every morning as well along with using it other foods as well and am on my 3rd day of Grape seed oil (3 pills a day)…

    So yesterday i had horrible dihhrea (lol sorry) only lasted about 3 hours then I went to sleep It didn’t return. Now today my skin is completely broken out and I never get dihhrea or acne it’s probably been over 5 years since I’ve had either and to that extent. I also feel drained, I have no energy at the moment and am still just drinking lots of water. Not a huge apite, just feel crummy… are these symptoms of the candida dying? Or is this just the diet change?

    I’m not sure how long I’ve had candida but the symptoms have definitely matched some of my experiences in the past 2 years are the same as candida sufferers. White tongue, had a yeast infection I got antibiotics for and it has gone, dry scalp, moodiness, low energy, extreme sugar cravings Etc. Before this diet i had a true American diet of complete sh** also. In the past week my tongue has cleared dramatically, and my face has shrunkin in size already.. so I will of course continue the diet for months because of the great results it’s on my health and body but how will I know when my body is back to a balanced state? Along with being completely candida free? I think the diet is great for me and will help me in many different aspects of my life but how to find the results for the core problem is where I don’t have answers??

    Thank you


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    Sure sounds like cleansing/die-off happening in a big way! I wouldn’t be surprised at all given that you are doing quite a lot that is both starving the carb-craving fungus and killing it directly at the same time. I had a few die-off symptoms in the past when I did some of the things you are doing, and even before because the candida is always dying. I learned about how molybdenum supports the liver in metabolizing the acetaldehyde produced in the die-off process. If you’re not taking this, it is something to look into. Stopped my sneezing and achy joints literally within hours. We would need a LOT more than the RDA because it is being used up in the process. There’s something about ensuring you get enough copper when taking molybdenum and I just made sure I got plenty from food. You can use a site like to log your food and see what you are getting. But the die-off symptoms are cleansing and alcohol from the candida die-off. At least I think it probably is. Please keep us updated so we can see what success looks like! Especially around the Holidays.

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    I am going through very similar die-off symptoms but If someone has couple of minutes I’d like to have something clarified.

    I was self-diagnosed with Candida maybe 10 days ago (my throat was dry for weeks and my tongue turned white so I stared researching and was shocked to notice how many of Candida symptoms I have been experiencing periodically for some time now, on and off maybe over 9 years.

    I was never really an unhealthy eater, but I was picky with my food and barely ever ate vegetables, especially the ones listed as good during Candida diet (things like onions, garlic, sprout, coconut oil and milk and stuff like this). I avoided alcohol and fast food and really rarely ate them, but I was killing my self with sweets.

    I started natural anti-candida diet 6 days ago (no supplements or chemicals or any kind of medication). What I did is, firstly, completely eliminated sugar from my diet. I eliminated dairy (except for the yogurt with probiotics) and carbohydrates (for the first 3 days, now I take very little buckwheat bread). I eat fresh vegetables and chicken. I take cloves of garlic in the morning and evening with yogurt and some sesame and chia seeds. I drink mint tea and water in which I squeeze half a lemon. I started taking Coconut milk (one spoon every night and morning).

    What I am experiencing now is not much different from what I have been experiencing lately; dizziness, brain fog, bad coordination, my body is tingly and hands and feet cold. A lot is happening in my stomach (I can feel it and hear it) but I only poop once a day (in the morning) and it’s not like what everyone has been talking about. I don’t have diarrhea nor constipation. My stomach hurts a bit before I go to the toilet and then all is well. What worries me is that my stool is very light colored. It is not firm and solid, but far from being liquid…it is just very light and heavy – meaning it doesn’t float). Is this normal during this period? Thanks bunch!

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