Are flax seeds bad for candida diets?

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    I have been eating flax seeds in my eggs (not sure how much but quite a bit) in the morning to help my bowel movements (which are like a goats except really hard.) Does flax seed contain anything that feeds candida? If it does do you guys know a good alternative to get the bowels moving in an extreme case (literally I haven’t had a solid pooh in years. Always tiny dark colored balls.)

    Also is butter a no go?


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    Flax seeds are a borderline item; if you have no problems with them then go ahead and eat them.

    Here are some constipation remedies:

    Butter shouldn’t be consumed that often because it contains dairy.



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    I didn’t get on with them well. I read something about the lectins being a problem if you had leaky gut, I can’t remember where (perhaps

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