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    Hi all,

    I saw that coconut is OK for stage 1 of the diet. I was in the bulk area of my higher end scale grocery store to buy buckwheat and saw desiccated coconut chips. That was the only ingredient– not sweetened. Are these OK?


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    Normally, desiccated coconut chips shouldn’t present a problem.



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    awesome! Thanks Able!

    I’m also excited to report that Monday will be week 24 of my diet. 6 whole months!!


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    Congrats on reaching the milestone!


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    How are you starting to feel yisucks? Are you happy with where you are at?



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    I’m glad to read its ok to eat on the diet but different brands (all unsweetened obviously) really seem to vary in taste and vary in the sugar content. Is there an amount per 100g that is ok to have? For example one brand has 6.4g and another has 7g. Whereas i think i read something on here once about keeping sugar levels below 4g per 100g..?


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    Thanks Raster for asking! I’m definitely happy with the improvements I’ve made. Before starting this diet I was suffering every single day with yeast infection symptoms. It made me so cranky and irritable. While I’m not 100% better, my parts are happy/normal are more days than not. I seem to have some problems around and during my period, so I’m not quite there yet, but I am definitely no longer skeptical of the power that your diet can have on your symptoms

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