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    What carbs are suitable in the stricter part of the diet? I’m not sure I can live on just vegetables and protein and I originally thought quinoa was ok to eat but I read that it shouldn’t be eaten until stage 2. What other grains are suitable? I thought quinoa was low in sugar but am I right in saying it’s about the glycemic index? Is the coconut bread recipe ok? Sorry I’m asking a load of questions and I know this forum is pretty dead but I’m hoping someone will stop by :). It’s hard to find all the information on the internet. I’m starting a pretty strict diet and if quinoa is not allowed I need to find something else. Thanks


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    I’ve never followed the diet that strictly, you have to have some carbs. I just try to eat them in moderation.


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    First of all, there are carbs in vegetables and low sugar fruits. Even if you avoided all starchy foods, you’ll probably get enough carbs.

    Quinoa and the coconut bread and both great choices – filling and healthy but low in carbs.

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