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    6 months ago via Dr Hauss’s stool test, I was told I “have a high intestinal colonisation of candida albicans.” Symptons were small white sores around my anus (given cream), an unpleasant urgency to go to the toilet after eating but not quite diorhhea, and a frequent urinary tract burning sensation I guess is cystitis-like. I had no other obvious symptons, no white coat on tongue for example.

    The above test revealed :-

    Candida Albicans 10.5-10.6 HIGH (normal is 10.2)
    Candida spec – 10.2 (normal)
    Pathogen secretory aspartic protease – POSITIVE ( this being a a marker enzyme to assess if yeast is harmless)
    Geothictium spec – 10.2 (normal)
    Moulds – negative
    Yeast in mouth swab – 10.5-10.6 HIGH (normal is 10.2)
    Stool PH – 6.0 SLIGHTLY DECREASED (normal is 6.2 – 6.8)

    Over past 5 months I have been on a strict diet, taken many pro-biotics such as acidophilus, oregano, garlic, low sugar yogurt with active lactobifidus and acidophilus, and also been on Nystatin capsules.

    I do feel a lot better, not entirely sympton-free but much better, so I took a blood test via Cambridge Nutritional Services last week,and received these results:-

    Candida IgG 0.3U/ml (normal range is 0-30)
    Candida IgM 2.0U/ml (normal range is 0-10)

    So all looks very good, but I also read somewhere that intestinal candida might not show up on blood tests unless the bacteria has entered the blood stream.

    How accurate are blood tests for detecting Candida Albicans of the intestines?


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    Dvjorge recommends the delayed sensitivity test that you can do at home…candia5 is the website. This test looks at other characteristics he has wrote about recently in this test.



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    Many thanks Raster


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    I had very good stool test done my naturopath, which tests for candida DNA done by Genova laboratory, it is very accurate and specific to intestinal candida. It is called “gi effects”, you doctor(preferably naturopathic) can order the kit and you collect it and send out with payment, it is about 80$ for candida only or mycology profile

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