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    I’m stage 1 on the Candida diet. I’ve read where I can have Organic Raw-Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar by Bragg. I’ve also read if you have Candida you shouldn’t use it. I’ve been using it with Olive Oil for salad dressing. Should I stop?

    Also, I’ve read where a person absolutely had Candida, but they had tests done that came up negative. If I can get my doctor to test me, what type of test should I ask for?

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    Raw ACV should be OK for most people on the diet; it has a bunch of health properties including being antifungal. Some people are allergic to it so you should avoid it if allergic (I was early on but not anymore).

    Here’s a thread about candida testing you should checkout:–some-specific-questions-regarding-testing-and-diagnosis.aspx



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    I would also suggest the blood testing post for additional information on testing.

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