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    Has anyone actually found that ACV helps with the candida?


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    Bragg ACV is the right kind you can get off but I haven’t tried it yet t see if it helps.


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    I’ve been using one called bobby’s. I felt a lot of burning with Candida which I thought for years was cystitis. The ACV really helps with the burning. I actually enjoy the taste these days and drink a pint of water with 3 table spoons of it in 2 – 3 times a day. Not boiling water but warm enough to be a pleasant drink. Not a miracle cure for Candida but helps. Also helps me feel less hungry on the Candida diet. GOOD LUCK!


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    find it a useful surrogate for my nightly few glasses of red wine. I have it with warm water and it has the same tangyness!



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    Be careful. I had alot of food allergies/sensitivites due to candida. Yeast being one of them. So taking the apple cider vinegar made it worse. So don’t use if have any allergies.


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    Depends on who you ask and you will find doctors/naturopaths that feel strongly both ways. I began my Candida about 4 weeks ago and started wtih ACV. About 2 weeks in I did not see any type of improvement or benefit. After that I began searching and found several doctors that recommend staying away from ALL types of vinegar…has someting to do with yeast.

    Anyway….I’ve quit drinking ACV and have now started taking a product called PH Cleanse in an effort to correct any type of pH imballance I may have. Apple Cider Vinegar is GREAT if you have any type of acid reflux.

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