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    I’m desperate to gain some weight. I know that olive oil has the exact same amount of calories as coconut oil. And CO has made me really sick in the past. Has anyone eaten olive oil..what has been your experience?


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    I’ve never taken olive oil straight from the bottle, I cook with it all the time, along with coconut oil. I don’t like the idea of drinking it straight, and it might upset your stomach if you attempt to do so. Use it to cook with, and add it to your salads. There are other things you can eat to gain a little weight. Avocados for a start. Just don’t expect to be gaining a lot of weight on this diet. I lost over 10kg when I started the diet and haven’t recovered much if anything since then.


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    I use it to cook with and sprinkle it on my food. I don’t expect to gain weight until I am close to being healed completely. If I try to eat more than I can handle, I get constipated. All I can handle at this point is 2 eggs, a few veggies, some spinach salad, 1 slice of coconut/oat bran bread, 1/2 avocado, and 2 scoops of coconut oil.


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    I wouldn’t drink it straight, since it’s not that pleasant, but you can add it pretty liberally to your food (cook with it, drizzle it on top after cooking, add a lot to soup or to mashed cauliflower). I’ve been making a point to eat 5 or 6 tablespoons of oil daily (some is VCO and some is EVOO), and it’s slowed down my weight loss a lot. Also, as mentioned above, avocados are really helpful in this.


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    My heart burn useduced to be so painful, I would pour a cup of EVOO over each meal. I got used to the taste, and didn’t experience any ill-effects.


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