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    Hiya, so here is a thing. I have been on the strict diet for about 2 months now. No cheating, no nuts and seeds, some grains (oatbran, buckwheat groats) for breakfast, mostly just veggies (salads, soups), yogurt, sometimes eggs, sometimes fish (sardines, salmon). I take NAC by Now Foods twice a day (also contains low amounts of molybdenum and selenium), Probiotics Healthy Origins twice a day, Candidate by Native Remedies twice a day, Candida Support antifungals (contains biotin as well) two capsules twice a day (is that enough antifungals or should I include some more? Meaning some capsules, not asking for coconut oil, garlic, onion etc as I’m already eating all of these). I also want to start taking HCL supplement with pepsin and some digestive bitters. I havent experienced very bad die off yet except occasional fatique, headaches, dark circles under my eyes. (Is it even working then?)
    BUT – I do suffer with a massive hairloss. Especially on the top of my head – the crown. As far as I know ‘Hair cells are among the fastest growing in the body, so they need good nutrition. But the body considers them “non-essential”. That means if there is any shortage of decent nutrients, the hair is the first to suffer and unfortunately the last to benefit, so it will usually take three months to see the effects.’ But I cannot just sit here and watch my hair falling out in chunks, so I’ve decided to purchase some supplement for hair support. I found this silica complex by Now foods, which contains silica and some other minerals as well (zinc, calcium, manganese, boron) and these silica tablets That’s just pure stronger silica from bamboo extract although it contains a tiny bit of rice powder (would that be a problem?). What do you think it’s better? Has anyone had any experience with a silica supplement? Have you got any good tips for hair loss in general?
    PS. I use nizoral shampoo and argan oil for conditioning.
    Thank you xx

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