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    could anyone please advice me on what to say to my GP I have made an appointment for tomorrow as my rash I have which the dr says is my recurrent excema has all come back again, I’m going because I can’t take the skin being so sore anymore, it isn’t localised it is all over my body. I was to be given light therapy but I argue the cause is from within and that’s just treating the symptons.

    The drs at the surgery don’t seem to know much about candida but when I requested a antifungal I suggested it not the dr, I took it for a month and by the end of the course my husband commented how I was itching less I also watched my food. I certainly had die off and felt quite bed with die off. My skin started to heal.

    My itchy rear is back and my skin but funnily they start itching around about half nine on a night. My ear itching is back and in the corners of my mouth.

    Sorry to go on but wanted some advice on what to say to my GP regarding the fact that I want to get over to him I have candida and want help with it, they seem to get sarcastic about the fact that they are the dr and I have probably googled the illness.

    Would a low dose for a longer time anti fungal help complete with diet watching?

    Thank you for reading.


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