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    Since this problem started, I have a white coating in the back of my tongue. Aside from brushing the hell out of my tongue, nothing made that white coating go away—until recently. Started taking Immunophen which is pine cone extract. After I take it, my tongue looks significantly better. I was pretty amazed. However, after I eat anything, my tongue looks terrible and white in the back again. I’ll do the immunophen and it goes away, but why is eating pissing off my tongue? I mean—it does it after just a salad with lettuce, cuc’s, green peppers and celery and organic chicken. There should be nothing in there causing a problem!


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    First of all, the yeast feeds on everything we eat, sugar or not…and tongue thrush doesn’t reflect/corrolate to your overall health. In general I wouldn’t be too concerned about it.


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