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    I couldnt find the answer to this by searching previous posts but maybe I am stupid. Are we to take antifungals, such as coconut oil and that SP722 stuff, with food or by itself? I took some coconut oil the other day on an empty stomach and felt fine til I ate and drank something and then felt terrible die-off…also was stupid and didnt start taking the MolyB, wont make that mistake again. What is most effective in killing the Candida?


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    I don’t think it matters if u eat with antifungals but u have to take probiotics separately at least 2 hrs after antifungals

    From what I hear the best out coconut oil and sf722 which isn’t even available right now I have acv, coconut oil, garlic, and diflucan but I don’t plan on starting all these untill further in treatment



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    Its up to you. I personally take SF722 with meals as indicated in the instructions on the bottle. I take liquid antifungals between meals. I take garlic with meals.


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