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    I found a video of Dr McCombs where he explains the nonsense of a spit test.
    In one of his reaction he says:

    We have not found diet alone to be effective against systemic fungal Candida. Certain foods such as coconut, coconut oil, oregano oil, garlic etc only suppress the candida, but not reverse the fungal form to its healthy yeast form. Many people who try that approach end up getting all the symptoms back as soon as they go back to a regular diet. Lab test have shown Undecenoic Acid (Candida Force) to be the most effective against fungus.
    Boosting the Th1 immune response, along with replenishing the body with probiotics (after you have neutralize the fungus) is also important. We recommend following a whole food based diet, and doing a sweating protocol in a sauna or hot bath to eliminate toxins through the skin.

    Does this mean that the antifungals do not really eliminate the candida?
    Has anyone tried Undecenoic Acid?
    How can you boost the Th1 immune response?



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    You boost your immune response by supporting your immune system and taking care of yourself. Undecenoic acid is also called SF722.

    He is completely correct in his statement and antifungals only kill the candida but don’t much else. Its like battling weeds in your yard…they just keep growing back.

    Coconut oil also contains undecenoic acid.

    Acids break down the barriers that protect yeast, microbes, etc.


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