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    If I am getting strong and definie die off with just a probiotic (renew life ultimate flora), should I wait until it subsides to start an antifungal? Does anyone think you can reach a cure just taking probiotics? I never thought so but now I am really starting to wonder. If I am experiencing such a strong die off I am hesitant to make things worse by adding an antifungal to the mix. I really value any input you could give me.

    Also, this is the only probiotic I have had such success with. I was on megaflora as well as milk kefir for over six months and never had any die off with those. Just wanted to throw that out there in case it helps anyone:)


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    I’d start to support the liver and kidneys before you take any antifungals and build them stronger. Milk thisle can do this…molybdenum protects from die-off as well.

    What probiotic are you taking?


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