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    I’m sure I have candida overgrowth, though my symptoms are quite unusual, mainly affecting my ears, because they’re triggered/aggravated by almost everything on the forbidden list (alcohol, cheese, mushrooms, peaches, peanuts, you name it) and they started straight after my second course of antibiotics for two major UTIs in November/December and March respectively. A week ago I had a blood test and yesterday I got the results. I have pretty high levels of IgG, IgA and IgM antibodies but the lab notes said these were probably from historic candida infections and suggested a blood culture in a few weeks’ time. The doctor – not my usual one who’s on holiday – doesn’t seem keen and like my regular one thinks my symptoms are psychosomatic, from stress. They include musical ear syndrome, seriously aggravated tinnitus in my left ear (I’ve had manageable tinnitus for years and more recently hearing loss) which combines with the musical ear to sound like a cheap music box in my ear, though at other times it’s loud and clanging and takes over my whole head. And sometimes it’s just loud aggressive tinnitus. I also have post-nasal drip, and quite bad rosacea of the pustule kind. I’ve had that for years as well but it’s really flared up right now. I’ve also been feeling spaced out, and in addition I’ve become sensitive to mould.

    I’ve been doing a strict diet for just over a week but while waiting for the lab report I took nothing except apple cider vinegar and garlic which I use for salads anyway. Unfortunately I have to fry my food as my present flat (I’m temporarily based in Berlin) hasn’t got a grill and the oven doesn’t work. It also has an unventilated bathroom so I’m having a bit of a battle with mould, both there and in the kitchen. My auditory symptoms got worse after a few days but today they’re quite a lot better. Because I’ve had tinnitus for so long I find low levels reasonably easy to cope with. However, even my old relatively benign tinnitus seemed to respond to food, eg. curries, and a few years ago I had a spike after eating a risotto made with horse mushrooms. This led me to wonder even then if I’d had a chronic fungal infection of the middle ear for decades, which might be partly responsible for my hearing loss (oddly enough on a couple of occasions my hearing has mysteriously recovered, something no one, not GPs, ENT specialists or audiologists, has ever been able to explain).

    Anyway, I’m doing the diet as best I can in a challenging environment- not all the allowed food is easily available. I’m lucky in one sense which is that my tinnitus-style auditory disturbances react almost as soon as I touch a problem food. They also react immediately to mould.

    I’m getting no help at all from the doctors other than an offer of psychotherapy.

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