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    Katy Gillett
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    Hi all, just wanted to update you on my progress and see if anyone could let me know if I’m on the right track in terms of anti-fungals and supplements. I’ve only just started the anti-fungals but I could just find aloe vera capsules, pau d’arco tea, kyolic candida cleanse and extra virgin coconut oil. I’m going take one of something with each meal and mix them up. Is this a good idea? The coconut oil will be the staple I think.

    I’m also taking echinacea, calcium, magnesium with zinc, multivitamin, vitamin c, and b complex.

    Is there anything vital I’m missing or perhaps something I shouldn’t be taking does anyone know?


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    Hello there, Katy.

    So I see you’ve chosen two excellent antifungal products; pau d’arco tea and the coconut oil. From what I understand, aloe vera also has antifungal properties, although I never tried it during my treatment period. It also contains minerals which are needed to rebuild the immune system from the Candida attack.

    The coconut oil is a wonderful choice as it contains fatty acids that will help to control the Candida. I would definitely take this every single day without alternating it with anything else. How much are you presently taking?

    The enzymes in the Kyolic Candida Cleanse should be alright. If you decide to purchase additional digestive enzymes, be sure that the following three enzymes are not included; cellulase, hemicellulase, amylase. These three, like other enzymes, are capable of breaking down the enzymes in the foods that you eat. The problem with this is that these three will break some enzymes down into simple sugars which in turn can feed the Candida and keep it thriving. Most people do more harm than good by adding enzymes to their supplement list.

    The best way to get the proper enzymes in the correct amount is by using something called “Grape Bitters.” This is a combination of herbs which enable the body to produce its own enzymes in the amounts that are needed for proper digestion.

    The only ‘vital’ supplement that seems to be missing would be a good probiotic. Are you taking kefir? Kefir contains naturally-occurring bacteria and yeasts which can help to rebuild the body flora. Rebuilding the flora which was destroyed by the infestation can be done with a strong probiotic as well, and using both kefir and a probiotic obviously has double benefits.

    It’s extremely difficult if not impossible to find a B-complex containing the correct ratio of B vitamins. If the B-complex you have contains 100% of a particular B vitamin and 200% or more of another, this is an incorrect ration and can cause more harm than good in the long run. By adding probiotics, we allow the good bacteria to grow and build a community of good bacteria called the flora. These communities or flora compete with the bad bacteria for food as well as living space. This of course makes it difficult for the harmful bacteria to grow and multiply and become an infestation. In addition, many of the probiotics can produce natural antibiotic substances that will actually attack harmful bacteria.

    Literally, this is the road to getting rid of a Candida infestation.

    The human body is designed to keep us healthy if we just eat the foods and take the supplements that will help instead of hinder this process.

    I do hope your regimen works out well, Katy.



    Katy Gillett
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    Hi Able,

    Thanks very much for your reply. On the probiotics front I am just eating organic greek yoghurt everyday but I will start drinking kefir too as I have seen it in the organic shop here. Is an intake of both every day sufficient in terms of probiotics or do I need to get the refrigerated acidophilus capsules etc. as well?

    I only just started on the coconut oil so I’m just on one teaspoon (I had it with buckwheat groats and mixed seeds this morning) but in a few days I’ll increase and carry on like that for a while.

    I’ve read about the benefits of aloe vera so I thought these capsules might be a good addition, plus my version has peppermint and ginger in too. I had a die off reaction the first time I took them so I guess that’s a good sign? Same with the Pau d’arco tea and I only had half a cup!

    As for the b complex – would you suggest I stop taking this? I definitely don’t want to be doing any harm right about now!

    Thanks again for the reply – I appreciate all your advice 🙂


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    I will be honest and tell you that I am a nutritionist with a specialism in the gut and Candida problems. I would recommend that you use a stronger anti-fungal such as oil of oregano and grapefruit seed extract simultaneously with strong probiotics. This kills off Candida and crowds it out of the gut. Anti Candida diets in my opinion just make you miserable and Candida can live off of any substrate. For more on this try: and good luck! Tracey


    Katy Gillett
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    Thanks Tracey.

    Unfortunately I’m not in a position to buy oil of oregano as they don’t sell it here in Bahrain but I will soon be putting in an order from America as I have a friend returning to the island shortly.

    I have seen grapefruit seed extract about though so I will invest in this.

    By strong probiotics what do you mean? So far I’m surviving on organic greek yoghurt (a hefty portion each day) but I don’t know if this is good enough. I will buy the refrigerated ones as I’ve seen a couple of brands here if I must.

    And by a less strict diet what do you usually advise people to retain?

    It would be great to know if you could help me while I’m still in Bahrain as I’m not returning to the UK for some time (I’m English)??

    Best wishes, Katy

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