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    I previously posted about my yeast infection being so much better and was thinking of moving onto stage 2. Either Raster or Able suggested working in more anti fungals each day and i’ve been doing this, often having at least 4 different types each day. I get some die off, mostly being tummy ache, increase in tinnitus and my tongue feeling a bit rough / drier. Occasionally after anti fungals i’ll feel an itch down there but not very often. Sometimes I get no die off at all.

    I’ve been having millet and have had no reaction. Is it fine to continue with stage 2 foods? I’m aware that you can move onto stage 2 when all candida symptoms are gone but does this include die off?


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    Hello Jo jo,

    I personally went to stage 2 when die-off was completely over; I feel that this is the safest way to proceed so that you feel confident that there won’t be any problems later on.

    However, its up to you on what to do of course and when to introduce foods, etc. I believe millet is probably one of the safer foods to choose from as well as flax. Their benefits probably outweigh any detriments.


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