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    Hi. I was reading the website and they didn’t mention coconut oil as an anti fungal. I was led to believe it was. If it isn’t what is the best. I’m entering the strict diet. Does that mean I’m on stage 1 or 2?


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    Stage 2 is when you get completely better and are symptom free pretty much (4-6 months on diet likely or longer).

    Stage 1 is the regular diet.

    Coconut oil is an antifungal and we’ve mentioned it on the forum many times. You can start out at a few tablespoons per day at first and then move up to over a dozen per day if you wanted.



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    Just to clarify – the information on the website and the recomendations on this forum are completely different! My advice would be to focus on the forum for your information, go back through old posts and you’ll find answers to all these questions. Ignore the main website for now as the diet is not as strict (and therefore not as effective) and the advertised products are also more expensive & less effective than those discussed on the forum.

    If you read through the Allowed list (on the forum) as well as the protocol and antifungal threads you’ll be very well informed – feel free to ask anything specific to you once you’ve read those.

    Happy reading!



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    Here is the index of most important posts:

    Happy reading 🙂

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