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    Found this testimonies online :

    Hi, to make this short I’ll get straight to the point about what helped me get better after 3 years of suffering. I was on strong antibiotics which in return gave me a bad case of intestinal Candida. I tried every diet and probiotic with no change. I was prescribed Diflucan several times which helped until I stopped and then all of my symptoms returned eventually. So what worked for me were two probotics. The first one is called “Progressive HCP 70” and the second one is a healthy yeast called “Florastor”. I took six a day of the Progressive hcp 70 (2 after each meal) and three Florastor per day. I gave up on all probotics helping until I tried these two together. This combo changed my lifecand now I’m a 100% better after suffering for over 3 years. Anyways I hope this can help some of you. If you have any questions please ask.


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    Thanks jorge. Looks like my brother is dealing with an overgrowth now, Im going to start him on this protocol.


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    Man if anyone can send me that human strain of probiotic “Progressive HCP 70”, I can send them money via paypal. Haven’t seen that one, it contains 6 human strains!



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