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    Ms T
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    Hello, Fo.

    There is a local group of MDs who practice alternative medicine. Years ago, I contacted them about something and remember thinking they seemed kinda sketch. But I am so desperate to get help that I called and spoke to one of the docs there who supposedly treats Candida.

    She said she tests for Candida using electrodermal testing, in which the practitioner places electrodes along meridian lines to determine if there is Candida. I asked her why she wouldn’t just do a blood test. (My guess: because a blood test would be cheaper for the patient and not as mysterious.) She replied that you can’t determine the cause (and I think she said location) of the Candida using a blood test. I told her that I know the cause already: I lived in a moldy house for years. She asks me if I still live there….conversation successfully derailed.

    Several articles on the Internet say electrodermal testing is highly unreliable although she tells me it’s “VERY accurate.”

    Also when I asked about her treatment protocol this doc tells me she creates a “serum,” which you take. (Again, I’m thinking she can’t profitably charge more for antifungals than a health food store does, so she makes a “serum.”)

    So…has anyone heard of electrodermal testing for this purpose or should I just trust my gut, unreliable and Candida infested as it may be?

    Thanks again.


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    They likely practice chinese herbal medicine. This is unfortunate because I don’t think it will work. I would find a different place that is experienced in treating candida sufferer’s.

    I don’t know much about electrodermal testing so can’t offer any advice. I believe my naturopath might use it (he uses some electronic gizmo thing to diagnose patients) but he doesn’t have to use it for diagnosis.



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    Oh! I can save you a bunch of money. I’ve done this and it didn’t cure me, didn’t even help me. If the “serum” is a homeopathic then for sure you know it won’t help. It has taken me 8 years to learn that there is no doctor that knows what’s going on with my body more than me.


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    I’d bet my career earnings that an electrodermal screening can’t differentiate between Candida yeast and Candida albicans, and everyone has some Candida yeast in their body because it’s a normal part of the human body just like bacteria. And of course the presence of Candida in the body doesn’t mean there’s an infestation going on. So my guess is; everyone this doctor gives this screening to turns out to be positive, in other words, the doctor has a win-win situation.

    Mrs. C is right, homeopathic meds cannot cure a Candida albicans overgrowth, this is for certain; so the good doctor’s magic serum isn’t so magical after all.

    So far, the only successful treatment for curing a Candida albicans infestation is to reverse the cause.


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