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    So, there you go. Another UTI. A handful of you are going to know right away what that means for me. I’m 6.5 months pregnant and I’ve already had 2 antibiotics for UTIs with this pregnancy. Both times the antibiotic set off a number of significant candida symptoms like thrush, skin rashes, etc. Not to mention basically taking me back to square 1 with the diet.

    Well, I had a routine OB/GYN appointment on Monday. They always take a urine sample, and mine showed an elevated white blood cell count and some microscopic blood in my urine. I almost cried right there in the exam room. The doctor was very sweet (although, uncomfortable with my teary eyes, lol) and encouraged me to just wait and see how the culture came back. We talked about my yeast issues and after I explained how the previous 2 antibiotics had affected me, he just stared at me. I asked him what he thought about candidiasis and his response, though it might annoy some, really encouraged me. He said it was all frustrating. Frustrating because it was clear that I was having a yeast imbalance, but he had no idea what to tell me to do, nor did he have any idea who to refer me to. I could tell it genuinely bugged him. He wanted to help me get better, but he didn’t know how. That honesty and humility really impressed me. I asked him if he thought the diet was a waste of time and he said, “No. Definitely not. It makes perfect sense.” 🙂 Yay for the traditional doc!

    So the culture came back positive, of course. And the nurse called me today to tell me so. The doctor I saw prescribed Ampicillin because it’s supposed to be the least likely antibiotic to cause yeast infections. I appreciated his sensitivity to my candida, but I knew *any* antibiotic would still wreak havoc. I asked the nurse if I could please speak with the doctor before they called the prescription in. He was delivering a baby or something, so I didn’t get to talk with him until after 9pm tonight.

    From talking w/ the nurse, I knew that my bacterial counts were moderate. I respectfully asked him if he would be comfortable with me pursuing an herbal treatment for 7-10 days first and then coming in for a repeat culture. He didn’t hesitate at all – he said YES! :O YAY!!! He cautioned me to call the office right away if I felt back pain or ran a fever (signs of possible kidney infection – serious business in pregnancy), but he said as long as I was feeling well, I could pursue the herbs for 10 days and then come in to give another sample 🙂 I was SO thankful!

    Then, get this – he told me he had been trying to learn more about candidiasis since my appointment on Monday! Seriously, I was just floored by his humility. You hear so much about doctors telling candida sufferers that it’s all in their heads or that candida is myth. Here’s my OB telling me he wants to learn more about it. I just had to share that with you all. What a gem.

    So, I’m going to start steeping herbs like a mad woman tomorrow morning 🙂 I have 10 days to get my bacteria count down naturally. I’ll keep you updated!


    Katy Gillett
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    This is interesting Hope as I had an appointment with my OB/GYN yesterday who is currently in the process of diagnosing me with endometriosis (just need the laporoscopy now) which interestingly is also a symptom of candida. I asked her about it and she smiled and said ‘Oh the Yeast Syndrome?’.. I asked her what she thought about it and she said it makes a lot of sense but she didn’t have much experience with it. I said the same, that the diet couldn’t hurt etc. and she said definitely not too. Perhaps its the OB/GYN’s?! At least they’re not too narrow minded to even entertain the idea. Though I didn’t suggest going off the patch as treatment for endometriosis is the pill :(.


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    I really hated to hear about the UTI, Hope. I don’t remember if you’ve mentioned it, are you taking supplements to build your immune system?
    Good luck on the herbs, man I hope they work for you. Go like a ‘mad woman’ with those things.


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    Able, I’ve been taking echinacea and Carlson’s vit c powder, as well as drinking nettle tea each day for kidney & general UT health. Oh, and I’ve been taking 1-2 cranberry capsules a day, too, trying to prevent another infection. For whatever reason, though, and I’m not sure there’s much of a concensus as to why, UTIs in pregnancy *tend* to be recurrent for some women. A good friend of mine had them throughout her last pregnancy, then as soon as the baby was born, they resolved & she hasn’t had any more trouble with them. Go figure, right?

    I think after this (hopefully it will clear up with the herbal treatment) I plan on increasing my echinacea dosage. I also may switch prenatals – a friend of mine who is rather knowledgeable about these things recommended a brand that is apparently more absorbable than many of the prescription options. It’s possible that my current prenatal just isn’t sufficient.

    But, so far so good. I started 2 days ago with increased echinacea, vit c, four 8 oz. doses a day of completely unsweetened, pure cranberry juice (S-O-U-R!!!) and water (1.5 gallons now!) and today I took 3 doses of the uva ursi tea. That’s what’s supposed to be especially potent for the UTI. Just from the cranberry, echinacea, and C there was a noticeable improvement. So, I’m hopeful 🙂 I’ll let you guys know how it all works out!

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