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    I’m betting that allergies created by caffeine/alcohol/etc. (more increased intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”)) are among the most important problems for most people here instead of Candida itself.

    Candida overgrowth promotes new allergies somewhat but maybe you should just focus on living a normal life without caffeine, alcohol and by doing a food intolerance test if it’s reliable, adding new food.

    Find the food that gives you fatigue or something else and avoid it.

    You’re already going to be superior to most people if you avoid caffeine, alcohol and focus on new food, food intolerance test if it’s reliable, etc. People feel like train wrecks after drinking excessive caffeine, alcohol.

    Don’t just think you’re getting better because you feel worse. You may be having an allergic reaction, which is bad for you.


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    This is interesting. I have had some great results after 3 weeks on the diet, reduced anxiety and random abdominal pain. But I have had days with extreme headaches and feeling sick and a sudden intolerance to eggs which I was eating a lot of. My body feels really weak and confused at the minute and I’m not sure if this hardline diet is the right way forward, I’m certainly cutting down on the antifungals.

    I’m pretty sure my sister has probably had candida overgrowth, she’s had a lot of the same symptons, athletes foot, thrush, anxiety. She’s never done a dirty like this but has been living very healthily, being a gardener and cutting out coffee. She is fit and healthy now and as strong as ever. If it’s something that lives permanently in the body, maybe it’s better just to slowly reduce it down with a sensible healthy lifestyle and diet?

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