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    Hi everyone,
    I apologize for the title, but this is my problem. It has lead to a pretty uncomfortable life in the last few months and has lead to other problems ‘down there’ too. My doctor just recently prescribed a topical antifungal soap and creme against yeast infection to help me through this particular episode. I also get bad night sweats if I drink red wine, which I have cut out completely, and have not had a night sweat in a long time. I have a tendency to be constipated and when I crave something, it is always carbohydrates (bread and crackers). The combination of these factors triggered me to explore the candida issue. I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this type of itching and if the candida diet helped? My next step is to go to a naturopath, but any information on the anal problems would help me out. thanks!


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    Yes. I had a lot of itching. It got worse when I started the diet, then a rash spread to many places including ‘down there’. Anywhere skin touched skin and my limbs were affected, too. It was really bad, and I almost quit. After 2 1/2 weeks on nothing but salad, avocados, and a little meat, it dissipated! It was as if the sun rose and all the clouds blew away! I kept at it because others encouraged me to continue.

    I did not take any treatments other than the diet itself. Some others have tried herbal concoctions and such, but I’m convinced that strict adherence to the diet, with the drinking of plenty of water, ends the overgrowth faster. My skin has returned to normal and my depression has lifted. You can contact me by clicking on my name.

    The overgrowth started with a hospital stay that included a lot of powerful antibiotics, stress, and an overdose of chocolate.


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    Hey, I don’t know if it applies to you, but rectal itching is a pretty strong sign you might have a parasite…
    I just found out today that I have one and I started taking some supplements for it, along with the candida diet. Might be worth looking into though, I think it’s pretty common.


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    I have had some discomfort in that area and Occasional bleeding when I would go. I started this diet 3 days ago and have noticed a HUGE difference. I have an appointment for tomorrow morning to get it checked out anyways, so we will see. I will check back and post if I find anything of use out!


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    I agree with PMGrey, Anal itching is a sign of parasites…. I am just finishing up a parasite cleanse. You can check it out on my blog.

    The link is to Week 4, but you might want to check out week one. It shows the parasites that I had inside me. I still can’t believe that I had no idea it was there. I did a parasite cleanse when I learned I had candida, but it didn’t work. So I changed to a different company and …. HOLY COW!!!a I had worms.

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