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    Hi everyone,
    I apologize for the title, but this is my problem. It has lead to a pretty uncomfortable life in the last few months and has lead to other problems ‘down there’ too. My doctor just recently prescribed a topical antifungal soap and creme against yeast infection to help me through this particular episode. I also get bad night sweats if I drink red wine, which I have cut out completely, and have not had a night sweat in a long time. I have a tendency to be constipated and when I crave something, it is always carbohydrates (bread and crackers). The combination of these factors triggered me to explore the candida issue. I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this type of itching and if the candida diet helped? My next step is to go to a naturopath, but any information on the anal problems would help me out. thanks!


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    Has the soap and creme that your doctors prescribed helped you at all?


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    YES, YES AND YES!! I suffered with this particular issue for years and never understood what was causing it. Doctor after doctor just sent me on my way with antibiotics which was making the issue worse. Finally after days of searching the web I finally ran across something called Candida.

    After much effort and pain I can say the itching has improved 90%..I still have a few flare ups occassionally. Sugar is our biggest enemy right now and anything you can do to eliminate sugar from your diet will only help. I dont want to scare you but this will be difficult depending on how ADDICTED you are to sugar. To me…sugar is like crack cocaine.

    A few things you might try that has helped me is Fungal Defense by Garden of Life. This is a good anti-fungal tablet that I have experienced some benefits with. Also…Garlic tablets has done me some good as well. There are littlerally THOUSANDS of products out there claming that they will eliminate candida but you have to be careful. You even have to be careful when consulting with a naturopath as they will also have elixers/potions/cures that they will sell you as well.

    My best advice is to totally cut out all sugar in EVERY FORM! Bread, cake, soda, pasta, all vinegars, white rice and fruit. Drink at least a 1/2 gallon of water per day and take a good Multi B vitamin. Sometimes people with advanced Candida can lose lots of B12 and need to suppliment to get them back to normal levels. Good luck with you fight.


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    Check my reply to this question under ‘Advice’. I’m delighted that my itching stopped on this diet!


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    I put whole cloves of garlic without the skin in my butt and vagina and the itching was completely gone in two days. Don’t put broken garlic in the vagina because it can burn but you can place it jn your butt in between the cheecks. It may sound crazy but I know it works. I will never use another medicinal antifungal in those areas…garlic does the trick.


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    Anal itching is also a symptom of parasites. I did the cleans with 5 days of fasting and 6 days of fasting with only steamed vegetables and salad. Took the psyllium and bentonite clay as well. Noticed some white rice like things in my stool and therefore started the parasite cleans, I’ve also had anal itching in the past off and on, but thought it was cause of sweating after working out. Had taken caprylic acid for a week when I started but I’m only taking Black walnut, cloves and wormwood at this time. These herbs are also anti fungal. The amount of stool that came out was incredible! Definitely more than I had eaten and it looked odd, believe I’ve seen both pinworms and hookworms. I know…yikes…but, an estimated 80 percent supposedly have them.
    As parasites and candida can give you similar symptoms and seem to like to “live” together it is a good idea to do this cleans at the same time you are on your candida diet, especially if you have, have had anal itching. Just to let you know, I did have more anal itching and was pretty soar like after 2 weeks of taking the herbs. I think that was a severe die-off. Think most of them are gone now because I feel better.


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    I have had anal itch for 10+ years and agree with most of the other posts here. A few things in particular have helped me:

    To address the root cause:
    1) Garden of Life Fungal Defense for 10 days and then Primal Defense ongoing after that(the best probiotic I have found). Helps fight candida, not to mention regulate your bowels and help your immune system.
    2) Healthy candida diet over time should eliminate the problem

    For short term relief & flare-ups:
    1) Peppermint essential oil is the ONLY thing that helped me sleep through the night. It is a natural anti fungal, and it has a powerful numbing effect that gets rid of the itch for extended periods. I recommend Young Living oils. Check out
    2) Good hygiene, I strongly recommend a bidet (even a cheap one from

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