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    Also, drinking too much water during meals can affect the insulin level in the blood, because lots of water drank during the meal increases blood sugar faster. The more insulin that’s released, the more fat it’s likely to store in the body.


    This past weekend I went to a health food store and talked with the guy there. Told him I was doing the Candida diet and stuff. He said, “Oh you better be careful, if you don’t get enough carbs, your body won’t have enough energy and your body will start to store fat”.

    Is this true? Then I just read what Able said. So what exactly are we supposed to do?

    The health food guy also showed me this book about eating for your blood type. It about gave me a heart attack! It said that I’m not supposed to be eating basically EVERYTHING I’m eating…a lot of too! No avocados, no coconut, no anchovies, only certain this, and certain that…

    I decided to forgo that book, cause I’m actually doing A LOT better!! Woo Hoo!! My skin which was so bad, practically stopped itching altogether. So…I tried ghee again! 🙁 Sooo sad. Before the day was out I had little bumps on my hands and my skin started itching! It’s been a few days and it’s just getting better!

    Man, I thought this whole take a few bites was ridiculous. But, nope…it’s not! I’m glad to be feeling better, but this whole storing fat thing? I lost like 10 lbs. in the first week. It’s pretty much tapered off now (all the avocado’s and evoo).

    But now I just feel like my gut is just a big “tire” that’s not going away? How can I be eating so well and exercising and it doesn’t seem to be changing any? Eat less? But I’m still hungry! 🙁 AM I STORING FAT, FROM DRINKING WATER AND NOT EATING ENOUGH CARBS? I have no idea how all this stuff works? I never really cared about counting calories and all that. But now i’ll work on not drinking, and chewing. Anything else? What else increases your blood sugar fast?

    I did get my Innate Probiotics too! Woo Hoo! I’m only taking one in the morning just for now. The first two nights I took it, didn’t sleep a wink. So…I didn’t want to keep taking it at night. I take it right when I get up, so it’s before food for awhile.

    I’m also not doing any Coconut Oil or Oregano Oil for right now. I think it was just too strong. My skin is getting better and I’m feeling better. But since I’m not doing the oil does that mean Candida is just hangin’ out? Am I not getting rid of it, just letting it take up rent? I am eating Kim Chi still and jalapenos and it doesn’t seem to bother me. Sipping my Kefier every now and then too. But still NO DAIRY, not a lick. 🙁 So sad, this seems like forever. I’m almost to two months now. But, worth it! Everyday, it’s so worth it! I feel great, and am excited to fix this problem. I can forgo the food for now. 🙂

    Anyways, thanks so much to all who have helped and encouraged me! I thought I was going to DIE the first week. Just crying!!! But now, I am very hopeful and excited with all I’ve learned! Kale chips, love um! And…I know how to cook a whole bunch of new stuff!! Yay! God is good!! 🙂 Thanks everyone! Appreciate you all so very much!!


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    I would look at limiting what you eat as far as sugar content, but I wouldn’t worry about carbs because your body needs them to function. Sugar exists in nearly all veggies so that is something to worry about more.

    A great weight gain food is teff which is also a prebiotic. Coconut milk is very high fat as well.

    I wish I could help with some of the other stuff, but don’t have anything to commment.


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