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    Hi All,

    I am a self diagnosed candida sufferer. I began having really bad Gi issues (cramps, bloating, really foul smelling gas) about 6 months ago. My son was born around that time so the stress level might have been a little high, however I normally have very low blood pressure and I dont feel stressed normally. I was and am a very active person. At the time I started getting the symptoms , I was averaging 30-40 miles per week by running 3 days a week and then hitting the gym hard the other 3 days. I was always getting ready for races with carbo loading and I did tend to like my sugary snacks. I the last few weeks I have lacked motivation and energy to finish my runs. My GI doctor did the typical food elimination diet. Nothing really helped. I did antibiotics on my doctors advice to help a possible bacteria overgrowth. That helped for about 2 days. Then the symptoms came back. I started getting nightly sore throats and had a couple of head colds/chest colds in a row. Then I got thrush. The doctor wont return my call so I am trying the candida diet.

    This brings me to now.

    I am a little confused. I really didnt do a cleanse per say. I stopped eating everything on the “no ” list for foods cold turkey. I am on my second week of eating nothing but eggs, spinach, green peppers, cucumbers, chicken breast, salad blend, tomatoes, oat brand, stevia, coconut oil, flour, and milk. I take an anti-fungal 2-3 times a day. I have been using oil of oregano , and grape seed extract off and on. I did do some probiotics for a few days , but I have run out. I just bought another 30 day supply.

    Typical day:
    probiotic when I wake up
    Egg omelet with spinach and green peppers with ground black pepper . Cooked with coconut oil
    2 servings of oat bran with cinnamon and stevia
    daily vitamin and anti-fungal

    (After gym snack)
    Brown rice cake

    Tossed salad with onions, tomatoes, spinach , lettuce, chicken breast , cucumber, and olive oil dressing.
    peppermint tea with stevia

    (After lunch snack)
    Brown rice cake

    Chicken breast baked with lemon, and black pepper
    Spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, with olive oil dressing.

    Am I do this diet right ? do I need to start over?

    can anyone help? Im tired of the gas , and bloating.


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    If you’re bloated all the time and don’t know why, it’s probably due to low stomach acid. Supplementing with the right amount of Betaine HCL after meals can alleviate some of this and I personally found it to be really useful. Here’s an article if you’re interested:…cl-for-low-stomach-acid/


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    Brown rice cakes are not part of the diet, because brown rice is not allowed.

    Almonds are stage 2 of candida diet, once you are basically symptom free.


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    You’ll likely feel better if you replace the rice cakes with something else until you reach stage 2 or 3. Same with the almonds because they contain mold. As you can see, it likely is a good idea to not do so much exercise when you are trying to heal your body.

    The oat bran can set some people back too so I would consider replacing with cream of buckwheat.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the diet alone won’t cure your infestation; the supplements are the x-factor in any treatment.

    If you are looking for other doctor’s that can treat yeast overgrowth (also known as CRC or candida related complex), consider consulting a naturopath for a faster recovery and a plan tailored to your symptoms.

    One more thing to keep in mind is you could have something similar to yeast overgrowth including h.pylori, strept, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), parasites, microbes, etc.

    For the sore throat, I would look into getting throat coat tea with echinacea.


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