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    Hello all I am om day 15 of the diet and i am just wondering if someone could review it and let me know if i am doing it correctly? Ive struggled with candida for years. Here is what i have eaten everyday. (i have had healthy bowel movement each morning since started this: if that helps to know) your help is much much appreciated! Thank you.

    Day 1 B
    X2 celery stalks
    X6 organic eggs
    X 5 and a half avacados
    1 whole green capsicum
    X2 lemons in smoothie (juice)
    Some brocolli, silverbeet, green/red capsicum
    Almond milk with my smoothies, acv
    X1 packet of papaya

    Day 2, cooked salmon, x3 avacados
    X1 green capsicum, some leek, few brussel sprouts, sardines, anchioves, celery, cucumber

    Day 3 B
    x4 avacado (4g = protein)
    X3 organic eggs (1 egg= 6 gram protein)
    Green Capsicum
    Cooked Salmon
    Brussel sprouts.

    Day 4 B
    X3 avacado
    X3 egg

    Day 5 B
    1 avacado
    1 egg
    Anchioves with quinoa crackers, few mouthfuls of oat bran porridge with coconut flakes, unsweetened almond milk, stevia and unsweetened plain acidophilus yoghurt & ground cinnamon

    Day 6 B
    X5 Bowls of oat bran with coconut, stevia, unsweetened almond milk, ground cinnamon and all natural unsweetened acidophilus yoghurt
    X1 quinoa cracker with avacado n anchioves

    Day 7 B
    X5 oat bran w unsweetened yoghurt etcetc
    X2 quinoa cracker with avacado, spring onion & anchioves
    X1 rutubaga made into chips
    Dinner-1 small bowl of rubugata patties w green veges and onion

    Day 8 b
    X1 quinoa cracker sandwich eit avaca n anchiov
    X1 bowl of oat bran with acidophilus yoghurt, unsweetened almond milk

    Day 9 b
    X1 cucumber
    X1 avacado wrap with Anchioves

    Day 10
    x1 avacado wrap w anchioves
    X1 egg
    X4 large rice crackers with almond spread
    Some red salmon
    X1 quinoa sandwich cracker w red salmon, brussel sprout lettuce, avacado, cucumber
    Some canned asparagus
    X1 bowl of oat bran & chia w stevia, ground cinnamon and plain acidophilus yoghurt

    Day 11
    X1 big bowl of oatbran w yoghurt, stevia, unsweetened coconut milk
    X2 handfuls Supermarket chicken (i cheated)
    ‘organic’ cracker with almond spread
    💊 X1 candex SB probiotic containing:
    Lactobacillus acidophilus (32 billion live probs
    Lactobacillus rhamnosus (4 billion live probs
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae (4 billion live probs
    X1 bowl of ‘organic’ brown rice n ‘organic’ quinoa with spring onion

    Day 12 B. Peeing more frequently. Moody angry and depressed.
    💊X 1 candex SB probiotic
    Some brown rice and quinoa
    X5 rice cracker with almond spread
    Half an avacado on rice cracker with pink salmon
    Two bowls of oat bran porridge w quinoa stevia n acidophilus yoghurt
    Half a rubugata

    Day 13 B
    Mouthful of almond spread
    X1 anchiove
    💊X1 candex SB probiotic
    X1 bowl of oatbran w plain yoghurt, stevia, cinnamon.
    X1 microwaved organic egg
    X3 rutubagas turned into chips w lemon, coriander n hamalyan salt
    X3 asparagus
    1.2L water with acv

    Day 14 b x2
    💊X2 candex SB probiotic 40 billion each pill
    X2 wraps with half avacado, salmon, cucumber, green capsicum, hamalayan salt and coriander
    X1 free range microwaved egg wirh avacado
    X1 and a half rutubaga made into chips w coriamder, lemom, hamalaysan salt
    X1 cup of plain unsweetened yoghurt
    A lemon
    Few mouthfuls of almond spread

    Day 15 b
    Few mouthfuls of almond spread
    💊X2 candex SB probiptic 40 billion each pill
    X2 microwaved free range eggs with cucumber, green capsicum, avacado, coriander.


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    I thought no sugar, the papaya on day 1?

    I don’t really know much either just wondering where you devised your plan?
    What sources did you use, has it worked on others?


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    Haha yeah the papaya was a mistake. Luckily I haven’t eaten it since day 1. I used multiple sources/sites from all over, i’ve put days upon days worth of research on this diet and the cure for these beasts and I’ve heard different outcomes and foods to eat. I’m unsure if these particular foods have workes on others, thats why I am here trying to find out. I’ve tried the diet in the past and ended up unhealithily losing a lot of weight and starving myself to avoid eating the veges as I got sick of them and each of these foods minus the papaya has been allowed on some sites by some people but I just want someone so I know I’m not wasting my time.


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    Oh ok yes i went on the diet but have had mushrooms and tons of buckwheat and oat bran, cant help it. I hope i haven’t messed it up. Im taking Nystan also as Doc gave.

    I hope you get some replies hopefully as its well documented and has nicer meals than i seen on other posts. Hopefully more knowledgeable / experience replies than me to follow, as interested too.


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    Try to limit avoid sugary fruits like papaya.

    You seem like you’re doing great overall – the healthy bowel movements are a good sign 🙂

    Consider getting a lactic acid based probiotic instead of a soil-based one. SBOs are good when you’ve rebalanced your gut flora, but you need a solid base of lactic acid bacteria first. SBOs have the potential to be pathogenic in a weakened gut.

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