Am I crazy or do I spoil food worse than normal assuming I have candida?

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    I was touching a banana or two and noticed it went black/brown way faster than when I usually touch it – could be from the fungus in the nails caused by candida.

    Have other symptoms like my bones are weak/brittle, muscular weakness, weight loss, gum bleeding, white tongue – after scraping with a tongue scraper, it seems like some hard white particles are still leftover, general system weakness. When I last ate a cupcake (a week ago, yes I cheated but just to test where I was at) – I felt weirdness in the bottom left of my stomach.. jolting pain. And when I ate a slice or two of green apples, felt some weird sensation on the bottom of my foot. After thanksgiving dinner, I woke up and my left arm was moving weirdly (don’t think it was a seizure, no other signs of a seizure). 2 months ago when I ate a huge burger (when it became worse), my left arm was acting weird and my hand wants to close instead of be open, and I can feel a sensation in my left arm when digesting.

    Been to the ER like 2 times and they xray’d my heart and at least that diagnosis was fine. Had blood panels done and igg-etc levels, cbc was fine. I did have h. pylori positive 2 years ago through a stool test (igg failed that time) and lots of antibiotics from dental infections and root canals 3-4 years ago. I also had a silver amalgram removed this past Friday (confirming what method they used) which probably didn’t help at all.

    Wish people around me would understand but unless it happens to you, it’s hard. And who knows if this is even candida – could be SIBO or who knows what.

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