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    I took the poison Cipro back in May which gave me oral and vaginal thrush. Went to ERs and doctors. They prescribed things like Diflucan, didn’t work. They all claim my oral thrush is ‘not thrush’. Yeah, ok. I have been taking:
    Oregano Oil
    Coconut Oil
    Vit. c (Ester C brand)
    Tumeric with black pepper
    Candida Cleanse at night before bed
    Probiotic 50 billion 2x a day (women’s vaginal)

    I am of course on the strict diet.

    My vaginal thrush has gotten better. But, my Oral Thrush has gotten worse and continues to get worse and is spreading. I don’t know why doctors don’t do anything about it. I show them it’s spreading. One ER doctor said, ‘oh, that’s normal.’ I have an appointment with an Infectious Disease specialist in about a week. I’m afraid it’s going to spread all over my mouth and I’m really trying to prevent that.

    I would love to do the Nystatin enemas but Nystatin is hard to come by.

    Why would vaginal thrush get better, but not oral thrush? Any suggestions to help me will be greatly appreciated.


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    I have had the exact same thing
    been v strict and woken with much worse oral candida this week….

    anyone ?


    king tut
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    What exactly do you mean about your oral thrush getting worse? Is it just more of a coating or other symptoms? I have found the coating gets worse due to die off, not because you are getting sicker.

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