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    Jean Sales
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    Is there any alcohol drink I can have such as Gin and tonic


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    Jean Sales wrote: Is there any alcohol drink I can have such as Gin and tonic

    In just a few words, yes there is … that is if you’re sure you do not wish to cure your Candida infestation.

    Alcohol, even in small amounts on a fairly regular basis can lead to a depletion of several vitamins and nutrients which include copper, zinc, magnesium, iron and several different B-complex vitamins, among others. But that’s just one reason not to drink alcohol during your Candida treatment, and this includes all stages of the treatment. Alcohol, drank only on a semi-regular basis, literally cripples our energy system and lethargy sets in.

    The other reasons are the really big ones;

    A healthy body is able to resist an overgrowth of Candida; however, the nutritional imbalance of copper which alcohol creates will impair the body’s natural ability to destroy the Candida.

    Candida naturally produces a certain quantity of alcohol which is a necessary part of the Candida’s processing of sugar – it’s food supply. In other words, alcohol is important to the survival of the Candida. Why would you want to supply something that attributes to a thriving environment for the Candida?

    And last but certainly not the least, drinking alcohol increases levels of sugar in the body.

    As you can see, drinking a glass of alcohol isn’t that different from having a nice big cupcake while on the diet. Not the smartest move for a Candida sufferer.

    Are you just starting the diet?



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    Alcohol is “the devil” if you have candida and alcohol can actually help cause candida so I wouldn’t recommend unless you don’t care about feeling better/healthier.

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