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    for six months around 2015, my life was living hell as psoriasis starting to spread through my body starting from my buttock area onto back and back of limb. Tons of effort with no outcome, sunshine 15min, ointment, food, vitamind, diet. Now it is gone for almost two years (can not remember exact length, nor I want to revisit any memory, which you guys probably know it is understandable), and only reason I came back here is to share my experience hoping that it will help anyone else, or even if it helps single person, i would be glad.

    My symptoms gradually started to retreat and completely gone after I took an extended vacation (have been working very hard to accumulate PTO at my job) and taking 2 major sunny city vacation (Los Angeles, Miami) and having extended sun exposure against my doctor’s advice or generic advice (most psoriasis recommends 15-20 min per day to reduce risk of skin cancer). During 2 weeks of vacation each, I had at least few hours (3-4 avg) of intermittent sun exposure and happy swimming in sea each day almost every day during vacation. DUring LA visit, I overcooked my face and as a result had to suffer facial burn and charped lips for few days.

    I can not say whether rest or sunshine has helped or both, but, god bless it is gone today. I hope it never come back and I rarely think about it.


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    That’s interesting. My vitamin d came back low in my latest test. I live in a sunny place so I should make an effort to spend more time outdoors. Thanks for sharing what worked for you.

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