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    Does anyone know if almond butter is okay?
    I got some the other day and have been really enjoying it, eating 2 tbsp a day. But my symptoms are back? I’m so exhausted it hurts to move and my brain fog is so intense everything feels like a blur. I’ve been sleeping all day on the weekends and still feeling tired.
    Could almond butter be causing this? Also been eating sweet potatoes sometimes. Gonna try getting rid of those for a while.

    I’m a bit concerned because my progress was going so well. I was finally starting to feel like a person again, and feeling like I did before I made any of this progress is a bit scary. I just wanna get better as soon as I can.


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    I think the concern with nut butters is that they might contain mold, and Candida sufferers are more sensitive to mold and so it might cause some inflammation.

    Whatever it is, you should listen to what your body is saying 🙂 If it’s causing you to feel bad, then cut it out.

    Sweet potatoes are a pretty good form of resistant starch that is unlikely to have much of an effect on your blood sugar. I wouldn’t worry too much about those in moderation, especially if you’re baking them.


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    Unless you are allergic to almond (guess you’d know this) or have bought a sort that has a no-no for an ingredient (please find webpage on reading every little single label of every little single thing you buy from now on, on this website), I wouldn’t think almond butter is the problem because a lot of the recipes Lisa Richards ctreated for the super strict initial phases have it. But again, you should buy the kind that has almonds and only almonds as “ingredients” (no cane oil, palm oil, maltodextrin, let alone sugar of any sort, no peanut or soy–just almonds).

    Sweet potatoes are a big no no on the initial phase of the diet as far as I understand. I recommend you read everything on this website in detail because you would not believe the things you cannot eat because they would affect your diet (e.g., many commercial cheeses have corn starch to prevent curding).

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