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    With my symptoms it matches 100% with leaky gut, histamine intolerance, and candida.
    My candida elimination was working until I swayed away from the diet and started eating Indian buffets and the candida came back with a vengeance.

    Now I have strong reaction to fish, turkey, beef, and chicken. That is even after taking a beef fed kidney with dao enzyme, vitamin c, and digestive enzymes to help. I have tested many foods over the the past week and there’s only 2 protein categorized food that I did not have as bad of a reaction to, soy beans (tofu) and egg whites. Although it is not perfect but the allergic reactions to them would be a 1 with 3 being severe.
    Allergic to some vegetables such as radish, garlic, ginger, (all fruits), red cabbage and many of the supplements that was purchased like collagen peptides.
    Allergic to all oils including coconut, vegetable, olive, and sesame.

    Most of the meals now are cooked and then blended to make it easier for digestion.

    Hope anyone that has experience can help, especially raster and able.

    Do I keep on eating the foods for a while and hope that the allergic reactions reduce?

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