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    Hello, everyone. My sympathies for all who’ve had to bear the candida cross. It’s nearly driven me to suicide.
    A blood test confirmed what I’d suspected — that eating eggs is bad for me. I don’t want to eat rice, beans, nuts or seeds because they’ll feed my candida, especially at this early stage. I suspect my past attempts to heal myself were thwarted by eating too much animal protein, even though it was organic. I’ve since read that doing so creates candida-friendly ammonia.
    I’m thinking of going seven days without animal protein, then eating an ounce of it a day for seven days, and then gradually increasing it a week at a time to the level recommended for someone of my weight.
    To give you some context, I’m also consuming one teaspoon of coconut oil a day, an amount I plan to increase over time.
    Please share your thoughts.


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    I recommend consulting an ND to get better, because its hard to treat yourself and it could be more expensive to do it yourself if you don’t get better.

    I think animal protein is just fine for diet, except you need some proper supplements to counter act the effects of the meat so it can digest properly. HCL is a good one to use with meat because it will prevent gas from being produced. The gas is what benefits the yeast.

    If you soak the nuts or seeds in water for 24 hours, this removes a large amount of mold.
    Beans are pretty ok for diet and these also can be soaked before consuming.



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    Raster, thanks for the response. I read every word very carefully and will do so again. I appreciate your suggestion of HCL, but I’ve read it’s not good for those with a history of stomach ulcers.

    Since starting this thread, I explored more of this website and read the following:

    “We would recommend that you eat small portions of meat or fish no more than 3 times each week. Buying antibiotic-free, organic meat will help. As you progress through your treatment and start to feel better, you can try slowly increasing the amounts of animal protein that you are eating – if you have a reaction, you can simply cut back your portions and continue with the diet.”

    For the pre-diet cleanse, I’ll think I’ll try to go 7-10 days eating only vegetables, coconut oil, water, and a daily probiotic. Then I’ll eat one ounce of animal protein three times in the following week.

    When I’ve eaten only vegetables, I experience vivid dreams of eating ice cream and drinking soda. But when I’ve added organic chicken and fish, I don’t get the sugar-withdrawal dreams, which suggests the ammonia-producing animal protein is feeding the candida.

    My candida gives me relentless brain fog, making it almost impossible for me to make smart decisions about what to eat and drink.

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