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    Hello All,

    1 week since I joined the site and 3 weeks into my vastly reduced / sugar free diet. My progress so far:

    Rough diet for this last week (week 3)

    • Breakfast: Poached Egg
    • Mid Morning: Whey Protein (Reflex Natural – no additives)
    • Lunch: Vegetables (mainly steamed) + Fish or Chicken
    • Mid Afternoon: Handful of nuts + coconut flakes
    • Dinner: Vegetables (mainly steamed) + Fish or Chicken (steak one night) or Omelette

    Daily Supplements:

    • Lamberts Probiotic (10 billion)
    • 2* Viridian Phyto Nutrient Multivitamin
    • 750mg Magnesium
    • Pau D’Arco tea with coconut oil
    • Various herbal teas
    • Lemon fish oil


    • I cut out porridge / white rice / sausages & pork and any pre-cooked meats based on Able’s recommendations from last week
    • I found some OatBran and Buckwheat Crackers (free from additives/gluten), so have had a few, but not many
    • I got a new set of scales and my weight is 74kg, bodyfat 16-18% and water 54%, so I’m trying to drink lot’s more water each day.

    Symptoms Update:

    • This last week I was getting really depressed feeling, worse as the days went on, so I cut back on the anti-fungals from Friday over the weekend, will start again on Monday
    • My sleep is great, now, part of the diet & magnesium I think, I’m getting 11-7am almost consistent last five days
    • My muscle twitches (one of my original CFS symptoms), seem to be worse and overall my energy feels very low this last week.

    Any advice you have is really appreciated 🙂


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    Welcome alex!
    Sounds like youve made some good changes but the red meat can set you back as well as the frequency of ckn/fish. They all contain ammonia but ckn/fish have less. takes a longer time to digest red meat vs ckn. This link provides an excellent protocol that several have followed and cured themselves. http:// It has greatly helped me but im still working on it. Also if you message able900 he will send his version of the diet, the strict diet. No nuts in the beggining, but can add those later.


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    Muscle twitches and cramps can be due to a lack of electroylytes. You might want to get an electrolyte mix and also make sure you are getting a minimum of 8 80z. glasses of water a day, more if you can stand it. Many of the antifungals seem to have a diuretic effect and you could be dehydrated. I drink a mix in the summer, when I am working outside called, Emergen-C electrolyte mix, no sugar. Just a thought and hang in there!


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    I eat chicken or turkey twice a day. I work a demanding job and I’m constantly hungry. Meat and veggies. Gets old but their are ways to spice it up


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    I would watch out with the whey protein too, maybe? Not sure.

    Also, I was having muscle twitches for the first couple of weeks on the strict diet, but they’ve gone away now. Maybe just part of the process :p


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    Thanks all.. I’ve managed to get my water up to 56% so far this week just through forcing myself to drink more.. I’m going to look into electrolyte.. I’m definitely going to stop the whey having read up on it and got some comments on another post, have got hemp coming in the post..

    My mid week update is that apart from the twitches, I’ve get really achey legs, struggling to walk yesterday and today to / from work.

    I’m actually seeing that as a positive as near the onset of my fatigue not being able to walk was a major symptom for a few weeks, so perhaps my immune system is starting to tackle original problems now that it’s getting some strength from the diet !


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    alexinlondon;34473 wrote: Thanks all.. I’ve managed to get my water up to 56% so far this week just through forcing myself to drink more.. I’m going to look into electrolyte.

    Water isn’t the only natural substance which contains electrolytes.

    Electrolytes consist of minerals, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride and calcium. The best way to be certain that you’re obtaining enough electrolytes is to eat a healthy diet in addition to drinking water.

    Some of the food products that contain electrolytes are:
    Sea salt, kefir, spinach, Brussels sprouts, kale, bok choy, Swiss chard, turnips, collard and mustard greens, cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, lemons, limes, avocados, chicken/vegetable broth, seaweed products, vegetable juice, and herbal teas such as Nettle Leaf, alfalfa, rosehips and chamomile.



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    I suggested the electrolyte mix because I am a landscaper and it seems to really help, especially in the summer. Also, it is nice if you are busy and can’t fix enough of the vegs. to replace what you are losing.

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