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    Hello All,

    I’m onto week 5 now. Last week was mixed, Monday – Thursday I had muscle and joint pain in my legs, possibly following starting up the anti-fungals again combined with a short yoga practice at the weekend before. Other symptoms were muscle twitches at the start of the week and on Friday morning a sore stomach / ‘very hungry’ feeling. On the bright side, Saturday and Sunday were very good days, I was out and about a lot and did yoga on Saturday and Tai Chi on Sunday.

    Here was my diet (link to my detailed log if anyone is interested

    – 7am Probiotic
    – 7.45 am Multivitamin, Magnesium (250mg), Korean Ginseng
    – 11am Whey protein drink
    – 1300 Peppermint tea
    – 1400 Pau D’Arco tea and Coconut Oil
    – 9pm Multivitamin, Korean Ginseng
    – 10pm Valarium, Magnesium (500mg)

    * on Friday I switched out Whey Protein for Hemp when it arrived
    * Wednesday onward I’ve added a couple of teaspoons of Spirulina


     9am Scrambled egg, lettuce and tomato
     2pm Pret Italian Chicken Salad
     6pm Salmon Sashimi * 4
     9pm Halumi, Crackers, Salad * 3

     0745 Poached Egg, Buckwheat Cracker
     1235 Lamb, green beans, salad
     1600 handful of nuts / coconut flakes / buckwheat cracker
     2000 chicken / courgette / pepper stir fry with garlic and mixed herbs and lemon juice
     2200 Coconut / Oat Bran Bread (1 slice)

     0745 Poached Egg, Buckwheat Cracker
     1240 Mackerel, Cabbage, Lettuce, Cucumber
     1530 Coconut Flour / Oat Bran Bread (1 slice)
     2000 Tilapia & Sautéed Spinach
     2100 Buckwheat Crackers & Salad

     0745 Poached Egg, Buckwheat Cracker
     1240 Egg & Salad
     2000 Chicken breast, courgette, pepper
     2130 Coconut flour / oat bran bread (1 slice)

     0800 Boiled Egg on buckwheat cracker
     1230 Chicken + mixed leaf salad
     2000 Sautéed green beans and peppers, two boiled eggs
     2200 Coconut flour / out bran bread (1 slice)

     0800 Boiled Egg on buckwheat cracker with lettuce and cucumber
     1400 Chop’d Chicken Salad
     1900 Chicken & spring greens
     2200 Coconut flour / out bran bread (1 slice)

     0900 Scrambled egg salad
     1300 Chicken caesar salad & calamari
     1900 Steak and broccoli
     2100 Coconut & Oat bran bread

    News / Plans

    • I realise I have still beef and lamb in there, been difficult for me to stick to chicken
    • I’ve ordered Kefir, waiting on it to arrive
    • I switched my toothpaste to a natural one
    • I’ve purchased Milk Thistle as I couldn’t find Molybdenum and wanted some liver support
    • I realise i’m not totally aligned with the protocol yet, but I just want to finish off the vitamins / supplements I’ve already invested in.
    • Last night I made a batch of Beiler Broth and also a loaf of coconut flour for week 5

    I think I’m on the road to giving my body what it needs to heal, so I’m now focusing a lot on positive mindset and ‘believing’ I’m not ill. I think the placebo effect proves that the mind is a big factor in healing. To help with that I’m putting plenty of social activities into my calendar, light exercise and a few ideas/practices I picked up from different books and films like meditation, visioning, gratitude, watching comedy etc.

    I also ordered a few books,

    Any tips or advice appreciated 🙂



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    It sounds like you could use some more vegetables in there. 🙂 I have this same problem. I know you have a salad every day, but you should try to get more variety and just generally more veggies. Sounds like you are doing well though, you noticing an improvement in the way you feel?

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