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    Review: Ortho Molecular Products – PRObiotic 225 – 15-3 Gr Packets

    If you’re combating mad candida overgrowth, drop all & learn more about these probiotics! After taking rounds of antibiotics (that killed too many friendly bacteria), in tandem with oral contraceptives and consuming large quantities of alcohol, my gastrointestinal tract was a hot mess. Enter: my nutritionist. Suffering from lethargy, skin problems (persistent acne), and arthrital-like pains for over a year, I decided I needed to reset my body and begin living more in tune with nature and the wonders it has to offer (i.e. organic s***). My “elimination yeast overgrowth” operation consisted of 3 phases, all focusing on serious detox and inflammation reduction. Of the entire cohort of vitamins, cleanses, and supplements I have taken on my journey thus far, these probiotics have had the most positive impact on my health. Paired with Thorne Research’s “MediClear Plus,” my body is on the yellow brick road to recovery & homeostasis!
    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this saga focused on a.) detox b.) achieving clear skin, is that an internal balance is the most important factor in determining your overall health. Too often do we fail to conduct our own research & almost blindly follow the orders of our doctors (who are knowledgeable, yet not omniscient beings); don’t underestimate the power of a ~5 minute Google search on your symptoms in order to acquire more perspective. Looking back on my medical records, it’s mind boggling to see that I was prescribed round after round of strong antibiotics to alleviate acne, when all it did was perpetuate the problem (via killing off good & bad bacteria, thus leading to a candida overgrowth and overall imbalance). In closing, I’m glad to see a gradual – if slow – shift away from antibiotics as a panacea, and more of a focus on customized health regimens centered on homeopathic remedies.


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    Did you actually only take it once per week?


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    Dear Annab

    Can I ask you what detox you did, any parasite cleansing? And what antifungals did you use to treat candida, cos with diet alone it doesnt die for sure!

    Thank you for your help, much appreciated!


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