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    I am updating and have questions below. I have completed 7 weeks on the diet and during the last two weeks I have been doing the following:

    1/2 cup raw cow’s kefir milk (both morning and night)
    Molybdenum (3 times a day)
    Vitamin C (3 times a day)
    Vit D, A, D3, E (after 1 oily meal) and 1 cod liver oil capsule with a different, oily meal
    Biotin (morning and night meals)
    Mag/Cal/Zinc after each meal
    Zinc tablet with heavy meals
    2 (175 mg) Milk thistle tablets (with morning and night meals)
    2 Yucca tablets with each meal
    Swedish Bitters with every heavy meal
    3 SF722 tablets per day and working up to more (I just started the SF722 once my bloating started to subside)
    Minerals added to my water
    Of course, coconut oil, rutabaga and brussels sprouts, about 5 eggs a day, oat bran-coconut flour-rice bran-bread, greens, etc.

    (1) Can I add thyme and oregano essential oils back into my regimen until I introduce the commercial probiotic? I will make a probiotic purchase at the end of September.

    (2) Now that I am teaching I have irregular eating patterns. Do you think eating two larger meals a day can harm my health?

    (3) How important are the teas (Rose hip, Nettle Leaf, and Slippery Elm)? I have fallen behind on drinking these because of my busy schedule.

    Thanks! I hope all is well.

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