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    Ive been reading this site quite alot for the time ive been experiencing oral thrush! It started a couple of months ago.

    I noticed i had oral thrush, caused by a tooth abscess that i guessed lowered my immune system that bought on the thrush..

    The last month has been a battle to say the least. Ive been taking garlic cloves, turneric, ginger teas, trying to watch my diet (could be better) but ive noticed a worrying sign.

    I am a smoker ( i also smoked cannabis everynight – only a joint or two) i have since given that up and cut massivelt down on the smoking – but ive noticed what felt like burning in my throat (caused by the weed smoking , and smoking too much in general) and now im feeling what seems like something in my throat when i swallow and a horrible dry mouth. Somedays its worse, somedays its fine. Yesterday after drinking lots of ice cold water and lemon it felt like something came off my throat and i immediately felt better and all discomfort went. Well later last night i ate an orange which bought back the feeling on something in my throat and its been there all today. The thrush is clearing up. I stupidly went full force taking way too many supplements and felt massive die off symptons, it was awful! Ive passed interesting stool too. Last night after the throat relief of clearing whatever was there. I passed what seemed like half my body weight. I havent lost any weight.. but it was just a massive amount. I Couldnt get thru a full day without feeling tired and my general strength wasnt normal either.. im worried as i keep reading everywhere that it could be throat cancer etc and as i do smoke that just increases the anxiety of it all..

    Please advise on what i can be doing or anything to out my mind at rest as im just getting into a mess. Its been alot better for the last week or two so i suspect maybe im getting rid if it, but its still there and this is now coming up for a month! Possibly longer.

    Many thanks.


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    You need to determine if you want to heal. You can read great information on healing at this forum – but only you can take the next step – determining if you want to feel better.


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    Hey ajb123,

    I too was a cannabis smoker and have oral thrush also.
    Let me tell you first that you don’t want to be smoking or using cannabis in general.
    Smoking in itself not only lowers your immunity but THC hinders your neutrophils (your body’s first line of defense against Candida). If I were you I’d quit until you recover.

    Secondly, you’re going to want to cut all sugars (added or natural) and take an antifungal, like coconut oil, olive oil, sesame seed oil, grapseed oil, just to name a few.
    It would be best to not only consume these oils but to do an ‘oil pull’, which is just gargling with the oil for 15-20 minutes then spit it out, rinse with salt water and brush your teeth.

    You could also try and see a doc, who will probably give you antibiotics, which may or may not just kill it on its own, but if you are eating sugary foods or drinks you’ll just be feeding the thrush still.

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