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    Hi all,
    I’m Canadian, living in Egypt for 15 years now. Have had 2 girls and since the last one suffered candida several times.
    I have NEVER dieted nor fasted before – so it’s all new to me.

    I decided to try the Candida diet, started 4 days ago.
    I shouldn’t say that I have NO support, but the support that I have is from a small local health food store which has “some products”, nothing like we can get in Canada and US. So he supplied me with Psyllium Husk powder and Bentonite Clay (powder form) as well as flax seed.

    Day 1:
    8am Detox drink (I put the clay and Psyllium together mixed with spoon and drank) had a bowel movement immediatley after
    10 broth
    130 detox – this time (after reading this: I let the clay site about 5 mins then added the Psyllium – it was disgusting and could hardly get it down for gagging.
    230 BM
    3:00 broth
    5:30 Broth (was hungry since I was preparing food for kids!)
    745 Liver drink

    I couldn’t really stand the garlic in the liver drink!

    Day 2
    8am: detox drink (only managed to get half down) immediately a BM
    10 broth
    3: detox drink – after that lots of bright yellow watery diarrhea.
    6pm broth

    Day 3
    only Broth 3 times
    Last broth I drank with Flax seed
    2 pm – took 2 pills which have calcium/magnesium in it (called Dolomit, a swiss product)
    930pm had a ginger tea with lemon. (cut up frech ginger into hot water and slice of lemon, didnt eat the ginger, just the water)

    4am – took 3 more calcium/magnesium pills because I couldn’t sleep. My legs and lower back were aching.

    still bright yellow watery diarrhea but less than day 2.
    Also to be noted, on this day I had a colon massage from an osteopath. and in the evening a normal relaxing massage from the local masseuse.

    Day 4 – now
    So far, I have had 2 BM’s still bright yellow watery diarrhea but less and 1 time “slightly” more formed.
    Am about to have a broth with flax seed. it’s 10:30am

    Since I am completely off the schedule of the diet, I am not sure what to do.
    I was advised by someone on this page to stop the B & P shakes until diarrhea is gone, but to continue broth and add the flax seeds.

    Oh, also have been drinking loads of water, I started adding a piece of lemon to the water on day 3.

    By the way, I’ve also lost 6 and half lbs since day 1. I was 128 lbs and Im 5 feet 4″ (so slightly overweight)

    advice on what to do next would be very much appreciated 🙂


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    Chris, I’m sorry I don’t have any advice for you regarding the detox cleanse. I skipped the cleanse and just went straight to diet changes, so I really know very little about it.

    I will say, though, that I’m very glad you found this forum 🙂 A support system is important through any major life change, good or bad, and getting rid of candida properly can be a BIG life change! So, I’m glad you’ve found us. The people on these boards are very kind, and very helpful. Please keep checking back in with us.


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    Thanks Hope for answering.
    Maybe someone else will have some advice – will keep checking it.
    As an update…. I haven’t had diarrhea since 10am this morning (its 8pm here now)

    I am hesitating to begin again the B & P shakes…

    I think I’ll have a ginger/lemon tea instead and start again tomorrow morning with lower doses…

    Again, thanks for answering


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    Hello, Chris. Welcome to the Candidate Diet forum.

    A few things came to me as I was reading your post. First, I hope you’re following the P&B cleanse with at least eight ounces of water each time.
    Plus, the P&B should be taken at least one hour before and after any supplements.

    Are you ingesting any salt at all right now? The problem with the combination of not eating, an intestinal cleanse, and drinking that much water is the possibility of becoming deficient in sodium, the results of which can be quite horrible.
    Symptoms are low blood sugar, dehydration (constant thirst), muscle cramps, heart palpitations, you would feel very weak, experience confusion, and possibly nausea and a slurred speech.
    Just please be sure you’re getting salt, and definitely sea salt if you can get it. You could put sea salt in the broth if you’re not already doing so.

    About the Bentonite Clay powder, yes you definitely want to hydrate the BC powder to a very thick soup consistency or a slightly pourable yogurt consistency before using it. By the way, if you ever decide to ask the store clerk to get the BC for you again, you could try asking if he can get it in the liquid form.

    As far as whether or not to continue the detox; I would say listen to your body. If you start to feel really weak and ‘run down’ and you’re sure it’s not a sodium deficiency, then you may want to stop and allow your body to rest. It seems you don’t need to lose weight, so you want to watch this. Many people on the Candida diet lose weight the entire time, and they usually have a problem gaining the weight back.

    Are you taking a good probiotic or do you plan to? This is something that’s imperative to a Candida cure.

    Concerning die-off symptoms, if you can get the products, there are two that can really help you through that. They’re called Candidate by Native Remedies, and the other one is something called Molybdenum. Once you start experiencing die-off, you’ll be very grateful to have either of these, or both if it’s possible.

    Good luck to you, Chris, and like Hope said I’m also very glad that you found the forum; you’ll receive constant support here from people who really care about you being able to get past this disease.



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    Hi Chris, where abouts in Cairo you were buying the psyllium husk from? Thanks

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