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    Hello. I’m a 49 year old man who suffers from perpetual brain fog, chronic tension headache, sensitive nerve endings, joint pain, a little bloating and a few other Candida symptoms, which sadly are also symptoms of other things like dust mites and mercury toxicity. I’ve gained some energy doing a mercury cleanse and want to take the Candida route to see if that helps. I exercise a lot and eat well, so the issue isn’t diet or exercise. I’ve seen doctors and they tell me it’s tension headache, which they’ve not been able to resolve in any way. I figure I’ll give a Candida cleanse a solid two months to see if there’s positive results.

    This site looks good but I was wondering if there’s a book I have to read that details a soup-to-nuts approach to foods and supplements. I want to do this hardcore and take as much I can to rid myself of this possible cause of my problems. I also don’t want to double up on things that can harm me.

    Is Threelac the way to go or is there a cheaper alternative? What can I take along with a main supplement to enhance the cleanse? How much yogurt should I eat every day?

    Any guidance would be appreciated.


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    Do you mean you will attempt doing the cleansing week for over 2 months?
    As in the detox drink, veg broth, liver flush drink?

    Normally those natural yogurts come in large pots. Which would do about 2 or 3 days.
    Check all the other yoghurts that say they are natural. Some still have added in ingredients that are not allowed or advised to be taken.

    As for the other stuff I’m pretty new to it all myself but if you do find out any of the answers to your questions don’t forget to pop them up here as they may be useful to new members of the forum.

    Cheers! 🙂

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