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    hi guys, i seriously think i have candida and am just looking for some help, support and guidance! basically for the past few weeks i have had the following symptoms- BRAIN FOG, diarrhea, constipation, aching muscles and joints, white tongue, craving sugar and more, i have been to the doctors 3 times and every time they have just diagnosed me with anxiety?! im 20 years old and before these symptoms started i was completely healthy; the 2 years beforehand i hadnt been to the doctor once. however the past few weeks i have woken up every single day feeling indescribably unhealthy. every day i wake up questioning whether i am going to be alive for much longer.

    it sounds weird but the most horrific symptom of all of it is the brain fog. literally constantly feeling detached from the world. when im with friends, my girlfriend, my family i say the things i would normally say, make the jokes id normally make but i find myself questioning those things; did i just say that?! how did i make that contribution when in my mind i am not attached to my body.. i know i dont have anxiety, sure i worry about things but thats completely normal. the only thing im anxious about is my mental health because i feel like going crazy!

    any help or comments would be so greatly appreciated!!


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    Helllo and welcome to the forum,

    I myself suffered with very bad anxiety for 5 years and at one point couldn’t leave my house and didn’t for about a month! Was some crazy times but thankfully I managed to ‘cure’ myself as the doctors I’d seen were useless. From what you’ve described tho are typical candida symptoms. anxiety does share some of those and it’s not uncommon to have anxiety and candida but from what you’ve said I think its candida causing you the problems. Cure the candida and everything else will fall into place.

    As for advice, start the diet and stick to it 100%. It’s not like other diets where if you cheat a little bit it’s fine, this is the total opposite. Another thing, forget timelines, the website says stick to this for x ammount of weeks and this for another few weeks. Do stage one untill your symptom free, then introduce small amount of antifungals and low count and strain probiotics, slowly increase these over the weeks so you got a high count probiotics and a decent amount of antifungals. Then once you up to high levels on both for and have been symptom free for a good while you can start thinking about introducing some foods from stadge 2 one by one and leaving a few days in between to see if you get any reactions and slowly and surely be able to eat more foods that you’ve tested and have a more varied diet, it’s also recommended that you stay on the high count probiotics.

    Next bit to tell you about is ‘die off’. Along the treatment you will have die off where the candida toxins are dumped into your system from where you’ve killed the candida and you will feel like you ARE dying. You will get this when you start the diet, when you start probiotics and antifungals and when you up the dosage of both. I really can’t stress enough how important it to do all the steps and stages slowly to minimise this for various reasons. Please See the post by able called ‘dangers of die off’ as this explains it all in depth and how you can minimise it and also supplements to use to help with it.

    Good luck and stay strong



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    juanmata, western doctors will never be able to diagnose the health problem that you may have relating to candida. I recommend visiting a naturopathic doctor who can better explain what is going on with your body. Western doctors will just treat the symptom by prescribing medication and not look to make wholesale changes with other things in your life like diet, types of foods you should not eat, etc.


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    Im a newbie too. Its good to see that I’m not the only one who feels like I’m dieing!! Our symptoms sound very similar.

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