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    Hey everyone — I’m on day 2 of the cleanse portion. I was planning on doing 3 days of the strict cleanse (broth, detox, liver drinks) and then move to raw salads with the drinks for an additional week. I should also mention, I couldn’t find the clay and chose to go with activated charcoal tablets instead, which many folks on this site recommended. The bottle says I can take them with or without food.

    So, this morning I drank my detox drink (and took the charcoal pills) and about 25 minutes later threw it all up. I’ve had similar problems in the past, putting “pills” on an empty stomach…any suggestions? I REALLY want to get rid of my candida and that’s why I chose doing a fast for three days first. I’m sick and tired of my symptoms.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    I think you are doing too much at once and it may just be too hard on your body/organs. If you think you can nuke the candida into submission, its not going to work as well as you hope. Your stomache is also probably too queezy to deal with it as well…maybe try it with food?

    I also recommend visiting a naturopathic doctor for the best advice and treatment plan; they will get you healthier within weeks instead of months.


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    I question some of the information offered on the candida site and think you need to be careful with the detox regime. Not sure of your age either but in my opinion, it is important to go a little slower. Have you had a chance to read some of the previous posts (ie Cleanse & Detox Protocol and Die off Dangers)? Excellent information … I’m into my 3rd week & feeling better already. Did not use the strict Detox but instead drank a lot of water with lemon, followed a fairly strict diet, steamed many veggies (not just raw) and use so much fresh garlic, you would think I have a “vampire phobia” LOL. I’m 50 & perhaps more cautious than need be. Once I started taking Molybdenum, any die off symptoms were greatly minimized.
    I hope you feel better soon!


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    raster wrote: I also recommend visiting a naturopathic doctor for the best advice and treatment plan; they will get you healthier within weeks instead of months.

    Unless you’re continually advising people to see a naturopathic doctor without having visited one, I assume you’ve seen one yourself. When was your first visit with the naturopath?

    I’ve seen you post the statement quoted above before on the forum. That fact would apply only to someone with an extremely mild case of Candida and for only a very, very short period of time. The length fo time for a cure also depends on how long the person was on the diet before seeing the doctor. You’re probably giving a lot of people false hope with the statement, and when they’ve seen a naturopath, and still have the infestation a month or longer after the visit, they’re likely to think they’ve failed because they were unable to obtain a cure within a few weeks.

    Thanks, Able


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    I agree with Able,

    After I had lab testing to confirm my candida overgrowth the lab pointed me in the same direction. So I arranged a phone consultation, a plan was made along with over £200 GBP worth of supplements that ‘I had to take’ and a diet where all I had to do was change my sugar in my coffee to sweetner, drink sugar free soda drinks, switch my White carbs to brown and drink dry white wine instead of beer!

    Surprise surprise it didn’t cure me or my now empty pockets. Waste of time money and effort even tho she knew I had a med/strong colonisation from test results. Every UK doctor I seen also said I need to be on a high fruit and veg diet with lots of Orange juice to fix it!

    All the advice/help/info is right here on this forum and as soon as I started using it, I started making progress.


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