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    Hi there

    I am sorry in advance for my lousy English; I normally speak Swiss German 🙂

    I always have a lot of die-off when treating Candida with diet and herbals. So much that I really have to start with just very little herbals.
    My question is now: If I start with a low dosage of herbals should I also eat more carbs than on the normal Candida diet?

    My thoughts are: If I just follow the diet, the fungus gets so hungry that it begins to make hyphae (I hope that’s the right expression …) and Candida can get systematic. So, diet alone can be dangerous. Therefore we need to take herbals at the same time to kill Candida.
    But, in my case, if I just take very little herbals, then there could be also a risk that on a 100% candida diet (almost no carbs) the candida could transform in hyphae too, no? So, therefore I wonder if it is better to eat more carbs when taking little herbals. And eat less when taking higher dosages.

    Does that makes sense?

    Thanks for your answers

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