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    By now, my relatives get that I’ll cook the normal way for them, but not to be insulted that I don’t partake. I do love the holidays though, and I want to get as close to the taste as possible. I figured maybe a turkey cutlet without the wine and butter basting, mashed garlic cauliflower and herb gravy instead of potatoes and flour-and-milk rue, a deviled egg with a candida-modified aioli, spicy pumpkin seed and chicken sausage salad, and sauteed garlic green beans and onions instead of green bean casserole. Maybe even a splurge with a half-glass of almond coconut and chia drink?

    Any thoughts on whether this is acceptable, keeping proportions correct? Any additions or adjustments you all would suggest?

    *I thought this would’ve been more appropriate in the food section, but I didn’t know where to post it, sorry.

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