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    Got grains in the mail from happy herbalist. Using organic milk.

    1st day – added 1 cup of milk. Set out for 24 hrs.

    2nd day – separated into curds and whey. Stirred, added another cup of milk.

    Today – separated into curds and whey. What should I do?

    Refridgerate for 12 hrs?
    Stir and add another cup of milk?
    Just add another cup without stirring?

    The directions call for 1 more cycle 12-24 hrs of milk to re-establish the culture. Then, to strain out the grains and begin the normal, everyday process of fermenting for 24 hrs, strain and drink my kefir daily.

    I got a 2nd batch of grains I’m doing as a backup, these puppies are fragile!

    Hope everyone is doing well around the world. Cheers.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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