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    After reading some of the “dangers” of psyllium husks, I thought I would change fibers.

    First of all, I happen to really like psyllium husks. I have not had any trouble with them.

    Now, it seems that chia seeds and me just don’t mix. I had more inflammation after making a bentonite and chia shake than I would have from eating gluteny pizza. 🙁

    What fiber can I use that would offer similar results? The bentonite clay I have is of the non-swelling calcium type which I really like (sodium always gets stuck in me for days).

    Is acacia fiber safe? I’ve read that it “feeds the good bacteria” but I have no idea or belief that it can truly discriminate in what parasites or bacteria it feeds. To me, in theory, if it can feed the good bacteria, it could also feed the yeast.

    Please let me know. Thanks. 🙂


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    So are you doing the cleanse right now or are you not? There’s no reason to take the psyllium, chia, or any fiber unless you are cleansing, so its not meant to be taken long term.

    What results are you talking about? For most people, the psyllium causes chronic constipation that lasts for days. For many its negative results.

    Theres many fiber products out there, but the one I use (during stage 1 and 2 of forum diet) is called miracle fiber which contains inulin which is a prebiotic that heals leaky gut. In other words, it feeds beneficial bacteria only. It also promotes good digestion and many other benefits. There are a few other inulin products out there; standard process makes a high quality one as well. This product is meant to not be taken during the cleanse.



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    Thanks for the reply, raster.

    Psyllium definitely has the opposite effect on me.

    I am doing it for the cleanse now.

    I heard that inulin helps feed parasites in the body.

    Is acacia safe for candida or no?

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