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    Hi everyone, I’m a newbie to this forum and so happy I found it. I’ve been on the candida diet nearing the end of my 4 weeks under my naturopath’s supervision but haven’t seen a substantial improvement. It’s driving me crazy, I’m about to give up 🙁

    I’ve gone on this diet as we now believe the candida has been thriving in my system for years. Not sure if I can link my chronic depression and dermatitis/exczema to the candida but what got the ball finally rolling was thrush. I’ve had 2 partners over the past 5 years and any time we had unprotected sex, I would get thrush – last incident being 2 months ago. It’s literally been the demise of my first relationship as it ruined our sex life and we practically broke up over it 🙁

    This is the first time I’ve looked into alternative treatment rather than OTC medication which clearly never worked. I haven’t had a drop of sugar for a month now including fruit and also any veggies containing fructose. I had couple of slip ups with bread and potato but turned it around before slipping back to old habits.

    I’m on homeopathy drops to increase absorption of nutrients, a candida formula, folic acid and of course probiotics. The probiotics caused so much gas and constipation that I believe the strain actually caused my vaginal wall to prolapse (sorry if TMI). Now I have to go see my doctor for that too which is freaking me out!!

    I had to reduce the probiotics by half for the past 2 weeks and my naturopath put me on magnesium based fibre powder. It’s helping with the constipation but my stomach still feels like I’ve swallowed a boulder. If I were on such a strict diet under normal circumstances, I would have easily dropped a dress size by now but nothing seems to be budging.

    I know die-off can vary from person to person but I was really hoping to see some relief by now. It’s now almost end of week 4, I haven’t skipped a beat with my meds/supplement and still had a terrible flare up couple of days ago. My rashes were unbearable, the thrush got crazy and the whitish coating on my tongue came back. It’s now settled a bit but everything is still there nevertheless.

    After 5 years of being on anti-depressants, I’d finally built the strength to stop taking them 2 months ago and this candida happened. Needless to say the stress caused by this whole process is making me so upset…just when I was hopeful about finally functioning without the anti-depressants.

    If anyone can share their story with me including symptoms (particularly related to thrush, bloating/constipation) or how long it took for your candida symptoms to get better, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    I would consider consulting other naturopath’s, specifically one’s that have 30+ years experience because if they are new, then they aren’t that good imo. In general this is a long term battle that requires a long term commitment of 6-18+ months. You can’t unravel a lifetime of unhealthy habits in 30 days or 90 days, it takes a major commitment.

    As far as sex life is concerned, I recommend trying out a good thin condom such as the one’s made by the brand skyn. It’s the best one’s I’ve used and it feels 90%+ as good as without one (I’m a guy fyi).

    There’s a bunch of probiotics out there and you might just need to try a different one. For instance, you likely would have better results from a human derived one such as HMF neuro which is the only human derived probiotic on the US market.

    This isn’t something where you do the diet for 30 days and you can go back to eating potatoes, gluten, and pizza soon afterwards…it takes a multi-year commitment for people who have it bad and if you don’t commit to the getting better than you likely will get worse. For many people, they simply cannot go back to the old habits and diet because then their skin and symptoms will get worse.



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    Hi Raster, thank you so much for your reply and recommendations. My naturopath is a veteran in her field and has been doing this for 29 years including lectures and training new naturopaths so I do have faith in her approach. It’s just my body that’s rebelling 🙁

    I think my understanding of candida diet and the whole process was going in full force, eliminating most of candida in the first few weeks and move onto a maintenance phase. I’m starting to be better informed that it’s not as simple for everyone.

    I’m seeing my naturopath on Friday again as it’ll be exactly one month since I started everything and my supplements/meds are almost out. She confirmed I definitely have to do another round of 4 weeks at this stage. I’ll see if there’s any change that can at least get me hopeful enough to continue, otherwise I’m afraid I’ll just have to resort to treating the thrush via commercial means, make probiotics a permanent part of my life (which is where I went wrong last time I was given OTC meds) and try to manage any flare ups to my best ability.

    I thought finally feeling well enough to kick off the anti depressants couple of months ago, and getting thrush shortly after, it would be a good step towards even better health to try and treat the candida but the stress the process is causing me physically and emotionally is a huge risk right now. If they said thrush or depression again? I’d take thrush any day.

    Thank you so much again for your reply, I’ll definitely look into different types of probiotics.

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