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    How the [email protected]$* do you get rid of a white tongue permanately?

    Alright so I’ve healed my leaky gut which I think haS been my main cause for years.

    I always thought I had candida, for years. Hardcore malnurishment, fatigue, all the tail signs but no diagnosis after every test known to man. So I started my journey and tried to treat something I didn’t know was there. Healthy eating, dietary change and antifungals.

    I never tested positive in stool samples, but I shacked up with a girl recently who I know was slightly yeast downstairs and then bam, penis thrush, swelling, prostate itching, kidney pains but no uti, itchy thighs, weird untriggered anxiety, loss of sex drive, sick gross feeling in my gallbladder. All these things I never felt before. Yeah I had a bad gut but never any of these symptoms. I took on the same breath as her, and the same genital smell as her, the same bodily/cloth smell. Which is so weird because I can smell it on specific people I walk past and people I’m friends with, it’s like I’ve now got a nose that can smell out someone with a candida overgrowth. It’s so weird.

    So I went and got my tongue tested and bam, candida. First time I’ve ever tested positive. But I’ve healed my gut and all my symptoms are gone. But Now I’m positive?

    I uses to smash carbs before hand and never got a white tongue but had extreme gut issues, ever since this whole sexual partner experience with my gal, my tongues gone white and an array of sexual problems evolve. She thinks I’m paranoid and has done nothing about it which tore our whole relationship apart. I’m afraid to kiss her and/or have sex with her or anyone else for that matter, because if I’ve had a bad gut for years and my immune system has-been down, and I’ve taken on all these traits and smells of her, and tested positive then I know it can go from my mouth to another girls mouth? Or genitals?

    For years I thought I had candida so I’ve eaten extremely healthy and done huge bouts of antifungals, with no die off. But after dedicating myself to my own low sugar/carbs diet and modified version of a leaky gut protocol, my stomach issues and everything are virtually gone. But now I have positive candida on my tongue.

    It’s leaving me so confused. The only thing to ever give me severe die off was samento alone with nothing else, not even at full dosage and just recently after healing my gut. Now that my gut is healed my tongue is white, mouth is dry, breath smells slightly bad, so the ladies at my local health food store tell me that as the candida is eradicated from the GI it will show up on my tongue? But how the hell do I get rid of it from my tongue? I’m to afraid to bomb my mouth because I don’t want to permanently kill the good bacteria in my mouth? I’ve read that a lot of bacterias are neutral, so if candida is winning the battle they pack up shop and go and work for the candida, like the old saying “can’t beat em, join em” so I’m afraid to nuke my mouth. Stupid right, coz I nuked my GI.

    Out of nowhere, extreme pain in my jaw. Like debilitating pain. Suspected TMJ. X-ray’s are fine, wisdom teeth are fine with no impact. And jaw joint was fine. But I have a few holes that need filling. Is this possible candida has traveled into my jaw from my tooth erosion and set up camp in my jaw joint and is mimicking TMJ? This is extremely painful and I stopped taking samento because the lady suggested it might be nerve endings effected by samento. I know samento isnt a simulator like like cats claw because of the toa-poa ratio and actually helps with nerve pain but I’m so confused on everything. Please give me advice because I can see myself getting addicted to xanax and the jaw pain is so bad I can’t close my mouth which is leading to even more oral problems and whiting and bad breath.

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