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    I have gone through the candida cycle and my best cure was I never ever put yeast in my mouth again but what kicked the candida cycle in for me was I put something in my stomach I didn’t know was poison
    . Quinine or tonic water is more dangerous than anyone knows. It is used in south America to kill rats It is the same as arsenic. It doesn’t show up in blood tests because its natural. Quinine is made from the bark of a tree. Quinine poison explodes your blood vessels and breaks down your immune system and then yeast takes over your body. Quinine is not the source of candida yeast it just slows down the healing. Last year England reported 150,000 cases of blood poisoning the British invented tonic water and are s big gin and tonic water country. Most don’t know they are drinking poison. I know that quinine I drank slowed down my candida recovery.

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